Ugobe defines its own Three Laws, dooms us all to future of robot oppression

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You know, as anxious as we all are about our prospective (nay, inevitable) collective future as meatbags oppressed by some human-created supreme artificial intelligence, at least Isaac Asimov’s (and to a lesser extent, Isaac Hayesimov‘s) Three Laws helped us sleep at night. So thanks a lot, Ugobe, for throwing those comforting laws right out the window and defining your own Three Laws of Ugobe Life Forms (as follows).

  • A (robot) life form must feel and convey emotions
  • A (robot) life form must be aware of itself and its environment
  • A (robot) life form must learn, develop, evolve over time

Great, wonderful, you basically just gave robots a blueprint for the foundation of the enslavement of the human race. While you’re at it, why don’t you guys just build up a trojan horse to get things going? We’re thinking some cutesy, totally harmless looking character-bot every kid in the world absolutely must have, because if we wanted to overthrow civilization, that’s totally the — oh, wait.

[Via Robots Rule]


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