Line6 releases the Pocket POD for tone on the go

While we’re not crazy about modeled solid-state guitar tone, sometimes firing up that 800-watt tube amp just isn’t feasible — which is where Line6’s new Pocket POD comes in. Essentially a miniature version of the company’s popular POD amp modelers, the Pocket POD features 300 presets based on vintage and modern amps and cabs developed in conjunction with several popular guitarists, a host of effects including delay and compression, 1/8-inch input for jamming along to an iPod, headphone jack, and USB connectivity to Line6’s Vyzex software to tweak and tune your presets any way you like. If this thing sounds half as convincing as other Line6 modelers, it’ll be quite a steal at $129 — but deep down you’ll know it’s not the same.

[Via Macworld]


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