Senators Wyden and Brownback promise to push Internet Radio Equality Act

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Things haven’t looked great for internet radio stations for a while now, and though SoundExchange has put a pause on the rate hikes while it’s in talks with the webcasters, not much progress has been made, and US Senators Ron Wyden (D) and Sam Brownback (R) have decided to do something about it. They’re promising to push forward their co-sponsored “Internet Radio Equality Act,” which hopes to chuck the new extravagant rates decided upon by the Copyright Royalty Board and return to a flat percentage-of-revenue model. Wyden and Brownback also decry the recording industry’s use of a minimum per-station fee to leverage broadcasters into DRM, which “fails to respect the established principles of fair use and consumer rights.” While they do support a negotiated solution, the Senators promise to takes steps toward passage of the IREA if there’s no progress in negotiations by Labor Day. To throw your weight in behind the movement, check out the read link.


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