Verbatim to launch Mini Blu-ray discs with Hitachi’s camcorder

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Verbatim 8cm Mini Blu-ray DiscNow that Hitachi has announced a Blu-ray camcorder to put some of that high-def footage on, you’ve got to have something to record onto, right? Verbatim will ship 8cm Mini Blu-ray Recordable/Rewritable (BD-R/RE) blank media in August for Japan, with shipments to North America and points beyond in October. The media will hold 7.5GB on a single side, with recording times of one hour for 1920x1080i resolution, and up to two hours at 1440x1080i. The discs come with Verbatim’s standard hard-coat finish for protection against scratching and dust, making them pretty reliable for the kinds of stresses you’ll see filming your own season of Survivor: Fargo.


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