Motorola O ROKR Pro Bluetooth sunglasses hit the FCC

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It looks like Motorola and Oakley have decided to try their hands at another pair of Bluetooth-equipped sunglasses, with the pair’s new slimmed down O ROKR Pro shades now making their first appearance on the FCC’s website. Unlike Oakely’s various Thump shades, these don’t pack any storage of their own, relying instead on a Bluetooth connection to stream music from your cellphone or Bluetooth-equipped portable music player. What’s more, the O ROKR Pros also support AVRCP to let you control your music directly from the shades, and they can double as a wireless headset, although not one we’d recommend using during your next business meeting. According to the user manual, you can expect to get about five hours of use on a charge, which can be done either by plugging ’em into your computer’s USB port or by using the included wall charger (or optional car charger). Of course, this being the FCC, there’s no word on price or availability, but it doesn’t seem like word of that should be too far off. Click on through for a few more pics.

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