TomTom GO 720 review roundup

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It looks like TomTom’s managed to hit all the right marks with its new GO 720 GPS unit, at least according to the first few reviews that have turned up, which all seem to have found plenty to like about the device. Among the first to get their hands on the device was GPS Review, which found the unit to be “more than just a simple specifications bump to an existing model.” In particular, it was especially impressed by the ease with which you can receive live traffic information, as well as the unit’s text-to-speech functions, thinner size, and longer battery life than other models. Also putting the unit through its paces was Computeractive, which dug the unit’s much-touted map sharing feature and abundance of extra features, but was slightly less impressed with the need for a cellphone connection for traffic updates. Lastly, and most thoroughly, the folks at Mobinaute seem to have examined every nook and cranny of the device, providing plenty of pics and a ten minute video showing the device in action. Of course, it’s also all in French, but they too don’t seem to have found much to complain about, other than some stability problems when the device was connected to a PC.

Read – GPS Review (“hard to imagine this device not being a huge hit”)
Read – Computeractive (5 out of 5) [Via Navigadget]
Read – Mobinaute (“forecasts of what will be the accessible navigation of tomorrow today”)


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