Teq AV/IT’s WID110 makes any display wireless

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Forget forking out for one of those proprietary wireless displays, as Teq AV/IT’s WID110 enables any ole display or projector to receive video signals sans wires so long as it understands VGA. The wireless gateway / receiver “enables multiple computers to stream video to a screen without any cables,” and allows presenters to carry around a few small pieces of hardware rather than a dedicated monitor. Notably, the unit plays nice with 802.11b/g, outputs at 1,280 x 768, supports Windows XP / Vista / CE and OS X, is password protected, and even handles video clips in MPEG formats. Reportedly, you can look forward to a 250-foot range outside and a 150-foot range whilst indoors, and while there’s no pricetag readily available, we don’t envision such a luxury coming without a noticeable premium.


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