Sanyo’s AirCam-equipped backup camera provides virtual views

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While there’s plenty of options for in-car accident recorders, how’s about a device to help prevent one type of collision in the first place? Sanyo‘s latest rear-view backup camera system “digitally creates visual guidelines (including vehicle width and distance indicators at two, four, and eight feet) that appear on your car’s monitor,” which ought to help you from backing that bus of yours over any stray shrubbery or misplaced youngsters. Additionally, the CCA-BC200 provides a trio of modes to view the surroundings behind you, which could come in handy if you’re riding sans a helper in the passenger’s seat. Granted, you’ll still be forced to fork over $299.99 for this luxury in addition to picking up an LCD of your choice to view it on, but if your driveway is often covered with more toys than cleared cement, it may be worth the investment.


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