Nintendo of America’s George Harrison to retire

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Though nothing’s quite official yet, it looks like Nintendo of America’s George Harrison is about to step down from his position as Senior Vice President of Marketing and Corporate Communications, according to an industry source, and as rumored last month. This could have something to do with NoA’s move to Redwood City and New York, or just be coincidence, but either way it sounds like George is sticking around to help with the sales and marketing transition, and then bidding the big N adieu. The guy has been around since 1992, right after the launch of the SNES, and while he’s never carried the kind of profile as the Regginator of late, it’s hard not to notice the guy, walking around with a name like that. In related news, apparently Nintendo is advertising for job openings that sound eerily similar to Perrin Kaplan and Beth Llewelyn’s, who had also been rumored to leave during the HQ shuffle.


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