BenQ offers up 10 megapixel E1000 point-and-shoot

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With BenQ executives somewhat preoccupied with keeping their own asses out of jail, and the company’s camera division having been turned over to Ability Enterprises at the end of June, it’s hard to say who’s really responsible for the latest camera to bear the troubled Taiwanese manufacturer’s name. Whoever designed the 10 megapixel DC-E1000, though, seems to have done a pretty good job, taking a cue from the handsome design of the P860 and adding such desirable features as face tracking (up to nine people), a 3-inch LCD, and digital image stabilization. Other specs — like the 3x optical zoom and claimed 1600 max ISO — are certainly nothing groundbreaking, and we’re assuming that pricing will reflect that fact when these go on sale in China later this month.

[Via Let’sGoDigital]


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