Nokia to launch iTunes-like download service?

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A standalone music download service which Nokia CEO Olli-Pekka Kallasvuo hinted at in June is looking to be making its way out into the world sometime this August, according to a recent Fortune article. The mobile phone kingpin appears to be positioning itself as a direct competitor for Apple and iTunes before the iPhone makes its way into European markets sometime later this year. Sources rumor that the “worldwide” service will allow users to download and transfer songs to non-Nokia hardware, but will employ some form of DRM, and Nokia will be offering over a million songs at the outset — a pittance when compared to Apple’s five million and counting. Supposedly, news of the launch will be delivered on August 29th in London during a live music event at the Ministry of Sound. The company has sent out invitations to a mysterious “Go Play” event, which asks invitees to “Come and witness the next stage of the evolution of the internet and mobility,” which we’re pretty sure is code for “the president is announcing the biggest uphill battle ever.”

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