Sony unveils world’s first, ugliest HD Video Walkman

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For those of you not blinded by the unsightly image above, that there is the “world’s first HD Video Walkman,” or in other terms, one of the ugliest devices we’ve seen in years. Beyond the fact that this thing resembles a decade-old handheld cassette recorder with a seven-inch HD display flanked on top, it enables users to watch their HDV / miniDV tapes on the go, which isn’t likely to entice you unless you shoot for a living. Furthermore, the GV-HD700E can record HDV1080i/DV signals from an external source, sports i.LINK / HDMI / component outputs, supports x.v.Color, and includes a Memory Stick slot for tape-to-flash card conversions. No word on just how much this curious creature will set you back, but those still fascinated can look for it to land in Europe this September.


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