NYC cabbies plan September strike over GPS

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As we told you in March, the technology-bucking drivers of New York City have put their collective foot down and said “no” to GPS systems in city taxis. The New York Taxi Workers Alliance, a non-unionized group with more than 8,400 members, claims it will call for its drivers to strike if city leaders don’t retract plans to install GPS units in 13,000 cabs. No new information there, but recently the NYTWA announced that September would be its target month for the walkouts, putting a very real timetable on what would be a crippling move for the city. If you’ll recall, the touchscreen devices would allow passengers to pay by credit card, check the news, and map their taxi’s location. The systems would also track pickup and drop-off points (information taxi drivers already report), but cabbies fear their employers will use the information to keep tabs on their whereabouts. The NYTWA plans to specify the date and length of the strike next month, so you’ll know more when we do.


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