Leadtek cranks out LR9750 / LR9752 GPS systems

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It’s been a good while since Leadtek caught our eye, and considering that just about everyone who’s anyone these days has at least one GPS system with their name on it, we’re not shocked by the latest developments. Yes, even Leadtek is storming back with a pair of rather capable navigation devices, each of which sport the SIRFstarIII GPS module, a built-in media player, an oh-so-shiny scroll wheel to navigate the menus, text-to-speech support, an image viewer, and RDS-TMC functionality. Those opting for the LR9752 will also be graced with handsfree calling via integrated Bluetooth, and while it’d be awfully nice to know exactly when these forgettable units would be headed for store shelves, Leadtek’s not divulging any of that information just yet.

[Via NaviGadget]


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