Dell oomphs the color with 24-inch 2407WFP-HC LCD

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Dell just upped the specs of their 24-inch 2407WFP LCD panel to now cover some 92% of the NTSC color space. The new 2407WFP-HC, like our 3007WFP-HC fave before it, features Dell’s TrueColor technology meant to enhance your video and graphic entertainment. Otherwise, the specs and feature appear to remain unchanged you know, if you live in Japan where this goes on sale tomorrow for ¥108,000 or around $875 when they make it to the US. Better yet, hey Dell, can we just skip this WCCFL backlit model in the US and go straight to an LED backlit version instead? We hear Samsung and LG.Philips have some decent panels available with far superior color rendering and longevity. Thanks.


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