Federico Rojas: The father of the father of Engadget

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I’ve never written much about my personal life in the three years, three months, and two weeks since I started Engadget, but for this Father’s Day I wanted to talk about the person who inspired my love of technology: my father Federico Rojas, who passed away very unexpectedly this past Wednesday.

My father wasn’t a exactly a geek — he was just a physician whose interests ranged far beyond medicine — but he was most definitely a classic early adopter when it came to anything related to electronics, and I remember being in awe as a young boy whenever he’d bring home his latest discovery. Whether it was an 8-bit computer, an HDTV, a Laser Disc player (and then a DVD player), a surround sound system, etc, while I was growing up he was always consistently ahead of the curve and constantly wowing me with whatever new toy he was installing.

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