ThinkPad Reserve Edition unveiled

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Those hoping for more than an X61s in cow’s clothing will be disappointed to learn that there isn’t much more to this ThinkPad Reserve Edition mystery. Lenovo unveiled the laptop today, with the expected Executive Support services and of course that leather case distracting from the fact that the laptop is nothing new hardware-wise. The support staff apparently will go the extra mile for you, with guaranteed on-site support in major cities within four hours, and even preventative tune-ups to make sure nothing does go wrong. Lenovo used some fancy Japanese saddle stitching techniques for the leatherwork, and left plenty of room for that extended 7 hour battery to do its thing. Specs include a Centrino Pro Core 2 Duo L7500 processor, WWAN, 2GB of RAM, a 160GB HDD and of course that 12.1-inch not-a-touch-screen. Lenovo even tosses in an external multi-burner and an 80GB USB drive for good measure, but despite all the freebies, we’re having a hard time swallowing that $5,000 pricetag. Which is just as well, since the laptop is currently being sold “by invitation only,” and we’re not sitting on any invitations. Let us know if you have better luck.

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