Ricavision Sideshow PDAs in-the-wild, to sell for $80?

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Texyt got their hands on two of the Ricavision-designed prototype Sideshow PDAs that we first heard about a few weeks ago: specifically, the MK140 eChatter (pictured) and Fridge Magnet models. Winbond representatives said that the Sideshow devices could cost as little as “about $80” for the smaller Fridge Magnet device, and “about $150” for the larger eChatter with a QWERTY keyboard, but as Winbond’s background is chip manufacturing, they could have meant that this is how much the devices will cost to manufacture and not how much they’ll go on sale for (so don’t get your hopes up just yet). We’d love a Bluetooth enabled, 5-inch touchscreen PDA for 150 bucks as much as the next gadget maniac, but we’ll try and keep it down until we see it confirmed.

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