UK unveils zero-emission “Lighthouse” home design

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The UK’s now showing off what it claims to be the “first” zero-emission home design or, more specifically, the first to meet “level six requirements” of the Code for Sustainable Homes set to go in effect in the year 2016, according to the BBC. Designed by Kingspan Off-Site, the so-called “Lighthouse” design includes, among other things, solar panels on the roof and a biomass boiler on the inside that runs on various organic fuels, with a waste separation system also included to weed out trash that can be burned to provide additional power. The house also packs in additional insulation to cut down on heat loss, and boasts a “wind catcher” for ventilation in the summer. While those measures will apparently help to reduce the house’s annual energy bill to just £31 ($61), the house itself will demand quite a premium over less efficient homes, costing about 40% more, although Kingspan says that’ll come done if they’re produced en masse.


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