Chevrolet’s ‘Scratch Car-d’ Captiva-cum-lottery ticket

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From the same company that let consumers create their own ads belittling it as an eco-terrorist and worse, comes a new promotional stunt that earns one lucky winner the right to drive home in a vehicle that’s been scratched up by several thousand fellow contestants. Billed as the “world’s first ever Scratch Car-d,” the specific Captiva that Chevrolet gave away in the UK’s Covent Garden this morning spent two months getting coated with the same silver latex used to make instant-win lottery tickets, which was then divided up into 16,995 tiny boxes to reflect the Captiva’s price in pounds sterling. No word on who ended up with what’s bound to be a pretty atrocious-looking vehicle, but we’re sure that this one won’t be too hard to spot on the streets of London.

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