You don’t tug on Superman’s cape, you don’t spit into the wind, and you definitely don’t try to jack a samurai sword-wielding gamer

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As much as we’d like to believe we’d act as bravely as 15-year old Damian Fernandez in the face of burglars ransacking our house, the sad truth is that even equipped with Fernandez’s samurai sword, we probably would have ended up more like his sister Deanne — watching the action through slits in the closet door. Damian and Deanne were home alone in Hialeah, Florida earlier this month when a pair of young male assailants forced their way inside and began swiping valuables such as their parents’ jewlery. But when one of the men busted into Deanne’s room looking for her PlayStation 3 only to find an empty box, Damian was waiting outside with his blade of steel (artist’s rendition pictured above), ready to deliver a crushing “strike” to the guy’s chest. Long story short, Damian chased both idiots out of the house and down the street, where a police K-9 unit was later able to locate 21-year-old Javier Cotera cowering behind a palm tree. It’s not clear if Cotera — who’s now out on bail — has flipped on his buddy yet, but we can be pretty sure that both dudes are now the laughingstocks of the rest of their criminal associates.

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