Tzero’s WiMedia-based ZeroWire uses UWB for HD streaming

While Tzero has been at the forefront of ultra wideband technology for some time, the firm is upping the stakes even higher with its WiMedia-based TZC7200 ZeroWire chipset. The UWB semiconductor solution was designed to deliver “real-time high-definition video” either wirelessly or over cabling, and can even open new doors for “distributing entertainment content throughout the entire home using existing coax.” Reportedly, this device can pipe multiple streams of HD video through your average cable network at the tune of 480Mbps, and it boasts application integration including IP, UDP, TCP/IP, multicast, and unicast. Notably, ZeroWire is “comprised of both a Radio Frequency IC (RFIC) as well as a baseband and media access control system-on-chip,” and while the chipset is listed is being available immediately, you’ll need to contact Tzero yourself to fetch the pricing details.


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