Camera Shutter Life Expectancy Database: feel free to chime in

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We’ve seen all sorts of unscientific testing with regard to digital cameras, and while getting your facts straight about megapixels and dust-sensor effectiveness is just dandy, how’s about knowing how many clicks your trusty shooter has left? An online database has apparently been created to track this very statistic, and while manufacturers will typically give you an estimate, we all know it’s the real-world results that count. The site lists a smorgasbord of cameras and allows users to chime in and inform the world how many clicks their snapper has survived, and while we wouldn’t lay our money on your device necessarily living up to the standards set by others, it’s a fair judge nonetheless. Go on, we know you’re curious, give the read link a visit and toss your experience on up to keep the data flowin’.

[Via Core77]


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