Microsoft Surface revealed in patent form

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While it’s hardly as big a deal now that Microsoft itself has let its much-anticipated Surface/Project Milan out of the bag, those that prefer to get their information in the form crude sketches and less-than-readable sentences can finally get their fix, as the USPTO has now revealed Microsoft’s patent application for the device. Filed way back in November of 2005, the application describes a “function-oriented user interface,” and lays out many of the features that we saw first-hand last week, including resizing pictures using two fingers, and dragging one element to another in order to initiate an activity. So, not a lot of new information, but if you’re looking for something more to tide you over until you can get your hands on a Surface yourself, you can hit up the link below for a glimpse at its origins (and plenty more sketches).

[Via PC Joint, thanks Staksa]


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