Apple iPad PDF FAIL – DD – 31st July 2010

Second time I’m typing this due to the iPad WordPress App crashing and losing my post, not a good day on the iPad. This entry is just a moan about the iPad. I feel I’m slowly moving away from using it. I will start with me making a bad decision and bringing only the iPad […]

Roses on Hull Sea Front – Flickr – 21st July 2010

Hull-0761-Edit, originally uploaded by ezrahillphotography. Found these on Hull sea front, tried a few shoots and this is the result. EH Share Hide Sites

Rushop HDR Landscape – DD – 21st July 2010

Rushop HDR Landscape 1, originally uploaded by ezrahillphotography. This is one of my fav photos! Its a HDR which is basically 3 photos merged into one, will blog more about that at a later date. EH Share Hide Sites

Wet Road – DD – 21st july 2010

DSC_2352, originally uploaded by ezrahillphotography. Just having a play with Flickr and seeing how easy it is to post pictures to my blog. EH Share Hide Sites


This is a test post from , a fancy photo sharing thing. Share Hide Sites