Proporta’s Freedom key ring GPS receiver stays out of sight, keeps you located

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Sure, your phone has GPS capabilities, but who wants to carry around a receiver everywhere you go? Well, what if the receiver were tiny… and your key ring? That’s exactly what Proporta is proposing (ha ha) with its latest “world’s smallest” (the company’s claim, certainly not ours) GPS receiver, the Freedom. The ultra-compact device does in fact function as a key fob, in addition to being a SiRF Star III-equipped receiver which can interface with whatever friendly device you happen to have nearby. The Freedom will last you nine hours on a single charge, connects with up to 20 satellites, and plays nice with Bluetooth devices, making your navigational world slightly more enjoyable. The little guy is available right now for €99.95, or $129.99.

[Via theunwired]


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