New York City Trip

Erin and I are attempting to plan a trip to New York City, most likely in the second half of October.  We’ve been to other east coast cities, but somehow neither of us has been to NYC yet, so we want to remedy that.  We’ll likely have 3 full days in the city, plus a couple half-days on each end for travel from Las Vegas.  I’d love to do a longer trip, but we don’t want to take the kids out of school, and that’s about as far as we can stretch the grandparents.  So it will just be Erin and me.  Our visit will probably overlap a weekend.

If there’s some interest from our readers, I think it would be fun to arrange one or more meet-ups along the way.  Maybe we’ll even blog the trip as we go along.

We want to learn about life in NYC from locals, do some sightseeing, check out some of the city’s many vegan restaurants, and hopefully learn to speak a little New Yorker.  I’m also really looking forward to my first mugging.  :)

Seeing a Broadway show isn’t a big deal to us, since we can see many of the same shows in Vegas.

Here are some questions we have for those who know the city well:

  1. What’s worth seeing/doing in NYC?  What can we easily skip?
  2. What’s a good meet-up location for potentially a dozen or more people to hang out and chat for a while?
  3. Where should we stay (parts of town or specific hotels)?
  4. What’s the best way to get around town (taxi, subway, on foot, being shoved)?
  5. For those weird folk who don’t eat anything with a face – any veg*an restaurants you’d recommend?  (We can get a list from, but there are more to choose from than we could visit.)
  6. We can’t bring weapons on the plane, so where’s a good place to arm ourselves once we arrive?

If you have answers to any of the above… or if you’re interested in coming to a meet-up during our trip… or if you’d just want to hang out while we do dumb touristy things, please let me know by either replying to this post’s thread in the forums or by dropping me a note via the contact form.  This will help me get a rough idea of how many people might want to get together.

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