New Google Phone rumors get real specific

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As any avid Engadget reader knows, the persistent Google Phone rumor — begun so many eons ago (er, last year) — has been on the fast track as of late, with varying reports coming in concerning specific information such as launch date, OS, and the existence of prototypes. Well, now it looks like we’ve got another handful of data to add to the veritable mini-mountain of specs / info we’ve ascertained about the presently-vaporous device. According to “reliable sources,” specific aspects of the GPhone are coming to light — the first suggesting that the phone will run on a Linux variant (which is nothing new), and will be Java Virtual Machine-capable. Additionally, the OS of the phone will be Java-based (as well as the all phone apps itself), and performance is said to be “very responsive.” The browser for the phone will be new (though some say it’s based on the WebKit core, which Safari is built atop) and will tout “pan-and-browse” capabilities. Finally, the word is that HTC is manufacturing the handsets, and instead of a single form-factor for the prototype, there are a variety of phones, all with QWERTY keyboards (one article suggests the phone will be “simpler” and less “flashy” than the iPhone, with less screen space, and a BlackBerry / Treo form-factor). Certainly a lot of information, though — just as certainly — speculation and rumor right now, and if the past year has taught any lesson, it’s to proceed with extreme skepticism.

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