E-tailer offering up Asus’ Eee PC for pre-ordering

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We’ll be straight with you: we wouldn’t send a dime to this place just yet, but a strange e-tailer appears to be offering up three different Eee PC models for pre-order, with availability showing “1 to 2 weeks.” A little digging has revealed that this webstore opened up shop this May, is registered to a Canadian address, and has very few reviews (positive or negative) from shoppers across the web. Of course, all signs thus far are pointing to shady, but the price points listed are actually right in line with rumors we heard just days ago. Ah well, hopefully this means that Asus‘ wee PC is headed our way sooner rather than later, but we’d certainly wait it out just a bit longer before taking the bait.

[Thanks, Mike]

UPDATE: Thanks to a few Canucks tuning in, we’ve learned that the master site — NCIX.com — is actually a “very reputable retailer in Canada.” Fine by us, maybe this sign is more legitimate than previously assumed.


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