Sony’s ES receiver lineup handles multizone HD streaming, iPods

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Those in the market for a receiver that can handle the latest and greatest ought to look Sony‘s way, as the firm’s revamped ES lineup not only plays nice with your iPod, but it’s the first from Sony that can distribute high definition content to a second room. The STR-DA5300ES, STR-DA4300ES, and STR-DA3300ES 7.1-channel devices all offer seamless (albeit optional) iPod integration, and the onboard Digital Media Port allows users to add other accessories such as a WiFi client for streaming digital music, a Bluetooth receiver, or a Network Walkman docking station. You’ll also find 1080/60p and 24p support, 1080p upconverting, Sirius / XM compatibility, and a variety of internal amplifier ratings depending on model. All three of Sony’s latest AV components will be available before October, and while the low(er)-end DA3300ES will check in at a cool grand, the DA4300ES will demand $1,300 while the DA5300ES runs $1,700.

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